Dear Diary

Dear Diary

Event Overview

“Today was one of the best days of my life. I attended the literary fest of BPHC- Verba Maximus and it was amazing. I was reluctant to attend the fest at first but now I am glad I was there. You see, I ran into this extremely good-looking guy wearing an I.D. card and ….”

We all know half-completed stories are more exasperating than even complete stories with lousy endings. While there are people waiting patiently for the ending, there are those creative folk who are willing to put their pen on paper to end it in their own way - if you are one of them, then this event is exclusively for you. Participants are given an entry from diary of a person and they get to continue the story.

Rules of Procedure:

  • The participants are given an entry from a diary with a specified timeline, each participant’s entries being disparate.
  • The participants have to continue the story in the entry and end it.
  • The time-limit is two hours.
  • The entries shall be judged on:
    • Grammar. (Major Criteria)
    • Relevance of the story to the given prompt. (Major Criteria)
    • Vocabulary (Minor Criteria)
    • Consistency with the given timeline. (Major Criteria)