Verba Maximus 2018


Event Overview

JAM is an out and out fun event which has your heads rolling over your tongue. The game requires your presence of mind along with spontaneity and panache. As the name says, the goal of the game is simple, Just Speak for a minute without any stuttering or hiccups. Can you? Use your flair for speaking to frazzle your opponents. And yes, Always Remember MOD is GOD.

Rules of Procedure:

  • The total time period of a game is 1 minute i.e. 60 seconds, inclusive of all the time that all the speakers are allowed to speak.

  • The topic will be given by the moderator.

  • The player is given a chance to speak when claps his hands or slams the desk first when asked by the Moderator.

  • The player also gets to speak by pointing out the opponent’s mistakes correctly. In short you lose your chance to speak if you make a mistake.

  • While speaking, the player has to follow certain set of rules viz... If not, the opponent can challenge and point out the mistake to earn a chance to speak as well as extra points.
    • You are not allowed to stammer, shutter or indulge in any time-wasting techniques such as using Ahh, uhhh, Ohhh etc.
    • You are supposed to start your speech exactly when asked by Moderator, neither too early nor too late.
    • You cannot speak too fast or too slow.
    • You cannot make unwanted pauses in your speech.
    • Use of Queen’s English only with proper Grammar. No colloquial words whatsoever.
    • Repetition or Deviation from topic is not allowed.
    • No plagiarism is allowed.

  • Points are given in the following manner:
    • Positive points for every second that you speak
    • Positive points for every correct challenge
    • Negative points for every incorrect challenge
    • Bonus points for being the last speaker

  • The player with the maximum number of points wins the game.

Event Details
212 hours
Rohith Pulipaka