The Man From Amorium

The Man From Amorium

Event Overview

To test your creative juices and verbal expertise, you shall be supplied with the shell of a storyline; your job is to craft it into a story, and tell it in your way. We will give no more than mere waystones, your job is to make a path connecting all of them, leading up to your/the destination. The judgment shall be primarily based on how beautiful your path is, rather than how lyrical your prose is.

You will have the hooks, and it shall be entirely up to your imagination to fish out the plot. Serve it up for your readers. Cook up a masterpiece out of a doodle.

And we believe that restraining the creative expression in you is a sin. So no limitations on words.

Rules of Procedure:

  • No word limit.
  • Prompts shall be given on the spot.
  • Having chosen a prompt, participants must describe the events in the prompt and flesh out the story.
  • Emphasis shall be put on how a participant has described the events in the prompt, than what he writes in his entry.