Verba Maximus 2018


Event Overview

A gruesome murder has occurred on the campus of BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus and this is a shoutout to all investigators to help find the perpetrator. You will be provided with a detailed report by the local police and a CBI report of the suspects with their respective character sketches and relation to the deceased. You will also have the liberty to interview suspects and, if needed, to bend them till they break.

Rules of Procedure:

In this event, use your deductive skills to:

  • Find out who the murderer is.
  • Provide a detailed report mentioning the motive behind the crime, and the means and opportunity the killer took advantage of.
  • Give a coherent final conclusion.

Time is of the essence as the murderer in this fast-paced investigative drama, as you need to catch the killer within 3 hours. So, will you be the one to solve the mystery and emerge as the smartest investigator in the room? Or will you let him simply slip through your grasp?

Event Details
3&fractt12; Hours
Test 3
R Monith Sourya